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Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing offers a virtually “no barriers” approach to IT.

Flexible enough to support five users one day and 100 the next, cloud computing solutions work wherever you work, and our tailored packages offer remote storage, software and data services for a fixed sum on a monthly or yearly basis.

Silverland offers a wide range of Cloud based IT solutions including:

  • Hosted email server
  • Remote cloud based desktops
  • Virtual Private Servers (VPS)
  • Cloud Based Windows Servers
  • File transfer solutions
  • Remote backup
  • Application Hosting


  • Work from anywhere with a laptop or desk with suitable internet connection
  • Maximum resilience – all your data is secured over multiple geographic sites
  • Instant scalability from 5 to 100 users overnight
  • Worry-free backups with unlimited resilience as all data is stored remotely
  • Predictable monthly IT costs
  • No spikes in IT spendings
  • No need for in-house servers as you have exclusive access to our servers

Is The Cloud For You?

To learn more about how the cloud works and the benefits it could bring your business, or for more information please get in touch with us today at 2914–1431 to speak with one of our friendly solution specialists who will be delighted help you.